Lesson Eight

As we contemplate life's journey, we realise our full potential when we connect with our inner being and begin to blossom like the lily on a summers day. When people gaze upon us they should see the internal beauty that resonates from our souls and not be caught up with our outward appearance. It is one thing to capture ones attention but completely another to retain it. Some words of wisdom to kick start your day.


Lesson Seven

On a daily basis we link with individuals on different levels. We are challenged and our ability to solve problems and give people or businesses effective solutions is key to our success or failure. How we impact the task on hand is directly linked to our own individual methods of problem solving. Methods to positively impact your business world can be taught and can create a ripple effect that bring on change for your business. Your business will be able to make impact with clear direction and focus once you reach out to Feng Shui Spaces for assistance. Call us to find out how.


Lesson Six

Bring the spiritual elements of the world into your space and rejuvenate the environment around you into perfect harmony. When you find something that changes your life in untold ways, why not share the experience and benefit others who are lost and searching for the very thing you have already found. Make a difference and share your knowledge and experience. The ones who give the most have the greatest return on investment. Giving someone the gift of clarity or peace far outweighs any monetary value you may attain.

Koi Fish

Lesson Five

The Koi fish, their beauty and symbolism are highly valued by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures. Placing a picture of them, an ornament or the real thing in certain areas of your garden or home will enhance the energy of good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance.



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